DigiPen Outbreak

24/7. Campus-wide event. 100+ players in a head-to-head all-out nerf battle.

Mission Information

  • Dates: January 28th - February 1st
  • Mission Briefing Time: 7:30 PM
  • Mission Start Time: 8:00 PM
  • Human Meeting Room: Von Neumann
  • Zombie Meating Room: Jimbo
Both teams will meet on Monday — Friday. There will be a mission briefing with time to prepare and plan for anything that lays ahead. If you can't make it to the mission info sessions on time for any reason, consult the mission information above and contact a dev if you have any questions.

Red Robin in Redmond Town Center

7597 170th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052

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Everyone who attends Outbreak is also invited to join us for a massive yearly gathering at Red Robin. Attendance is highly encouraged as it offers a great way to hangout with existing friends, meet new people, and share experiences with everyone you spent the last week prowling. If you can make it, rides and information will be made available after the mission on Friday night.

Post Season 10 Leaderboard

Find all enlisted players, their respective teams, and related stats below.

Human Resistance (1160)

Saadiq DanielsF175
Jacob PresleyF125
Christian LiconaF100
Maverick AlexanderF80
Anja ThomsenLone Wolf70
Lelan SawtelleLone Wolf60
Sarah GravesLone Wolf55
Tyler RobbinsLone Wolf45
Jonathan KnowlesLone Wolf45
Connor TilleyFlargBlarg40
Suzanna JelsemaBamsd Squad15
Will McDonaldF15
Ryan ChanLone Wolf10
Jorge Antonio JimenezLone Wolf5
Esteban MalfonadoLone Wolf5
Jack O'BrienLone Wolf5
Akshat MadanLone Wolf0
Kyler ELmerLone Wolf0
Jarrod EhlertMeme Team0
Zacary BrownF0
Mason MatuszakLone Wolf0
AD TaezaMeme Team0
Caleb HesseLone Wolf0
Lelan SawtelleLone Wolf0
Benjamin FoxLone Wolf0
Jared JoyalLone Wolf0
Brandon FaganLone Wolf0
Calin GavriliucF0
Jesus Barrera-GarciaJ Squad0
Alejandro RamirezLone Wolf0
Jaden AbernathyLone Wolf0
Blaine ReinerLone Wolf0

Zombie Horde (1505)

Olivia DavisThe Horde1185
Ethan VillasinBrains4140
Brayan LopezThe Horde2130
Dev PhadkeBrains3115
Cameron ColemanGreen Robin4100
Nate BorgerThe Horde385
Casey BeckmanThe Horde080
Anthony WilliamsThe Horde125
Jacob McPeakSQL Wrangler125
Jeffrey PetersonThe Horde125
Anton KosslerThe Horde125
Michael Crouch The Horde125
Julian HyamsThe Horde020
Chris CassidyThe Horde010
William PritzThe Horde010
Kaelan SimpsonThe Horde05
Grant ManorThe Horde05
Corwin RobinsonThe Horde00
Cathy DangThe Horde00
Mark EsparagozaThe Horde00
Anthony WilliamsThe Horde00
Mike BaughmanThe Horde00
Lindy PlunkettTeam Sacrificed00
Paul Huffman The Horde00
Kevin KatonaEcho Squad00

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